Smarter Orders for Better Sales

Inception CRM helps sales teams to create smarter orders that lead to better, bigger sales. Customizable order forms help reps make more attractive offers by automatically factoring the incentives customers need to close the deal, right at the point of sale. With Inception CRM, you’ll never lose another order again.

Empower Your Sales Reps

Build approvals directly inside your Transfer Order templates so that sales teams can incentivize customers with discounts, rebates, free goods, bonuses and other benefits without having to wait for their manager’s approval. Set max limits ahead of time so that sales reps can sweeten deals and motivate customers with offers that they can’t refuse.

Complex Orders Made Easy

Order templates allow sales teams to define commercial conditions for both products and customers, and set unique workflows (including approval stages) for each order. Templates can automatically recommend the right incentives based on the volume and/or combination of products selected, as well as the specific customer receiving the order.

Faster Time to Delivery

Inception CRM can connect directly to third-party systems via API, or send orders via email  — depending on the set up that works for you. This allows orders to be communicated directly to wholesalers or your own back office for immediate processing, with copies sent to customers and other stakeholders based on your own sharing rules.

Real-Time Stock and Delivery Confirmation

When connected directly to wholesalers’ systems (or your own company’s warehouse) Inception CRM gives sales teams immediate feedback on actual stock availability, order confirmation, and even delivery status, so that reps can guarantee the orders they make and see their sales grow in real time.

Create Compelling Offers that Lead to Bigger Orders Right at the Point of Sale

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Order It Your Way

Inception CRM allows sales teams to create orders on whatever device they carry with them: iPads, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, or Windows laptops. Whichever device you use, there will be no more need for paper forms — and no more delays getting orders into the right hands to ensure quick, seamless delivery to your customers.

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