Know Your Customers

Inception CRM makes it easy for sales teams to find and stay focused on the right customers for your business.

Find The Right Customers Quickly & Easily

Inception CRM’s Search module makes it easy to search within a range of configurable, pre-defined parameters, such as Customer Type, Name, Address, Specialization, Geo Unit and Profile Value.

Stay Focused on Priority Customers

Target Groups help sales teams prioritise customers who are important to your company. Reps never have to be stuck wondering where to go or whom to talk to next, or what to offer them – Target Groups keep them focused on the right customers every time.


Our vision has always been to create a CRM app that helps sales reps truly know their customers. With Inception CRM, that vision is now a reality.


Profiles make it really easy to classify contacts into useful segments that help you track the development and actual potential of each customer relationship.



Recent Activities allows users to easily review the contact history of each customer, with helpful summaries of each interaction.



Orders provides an easy way to quickly review all the orders a customer has made for your company’s products.



Expenses displays all of the direct investments made on behalf a customer. The user can choose to focus on their own expenses, or view those logged by other users, as well.



Notes displays free text notes created by reps when filling out call reports or added ad hoc to a customer’s card.



Warehouse shows the history of samples and promo goods given to a customer by every rep who has visited them.


Meaningful Customer Relationships Based on Real Understanding


Inception CRM lets users update customer data directly inside the application, making it easy to request important changes.

CRM customers

A Customer Database You Can Trust

Inception CRM lets users update customer data directly inside the application, making it easy to request important changes. At the same time, a structured review process makes sure every request is reviewed before they are approved so that your database is not only complete and up-to-date, but also trustworthy.

CRM customers

Customer Management Made Easy

From adding new customers to updating current customers’ information to removing them entirely, a guided processes leads users through each step. Look up fields automatically adding information already available in the database, making it very easy to add or update customer contacts.

Explore More Inception CRM Features

sales plan


Inception’s intelligent workflow-based planner keeps Reps productively focused on the right tasks so that every sales campaign is a success.

Inception crm pharma


Inception’s flexible order taking module allows Reps to create customized offers that retail buyers will love, ensuring your success at each point of sale.

crm pharma reports


Inception CRM gives Reps an easy way to capture their expenses and promo stock usage on the fly for improved management of all in-field sales spend.