Drill Down Into Data That Actually Matters

Dashboards That Make Sense

Inception CRM’s interactive dashboards give sales teams quick, focused insights they can actually use to improve their success in the field.

Visuals That Bring Data To Life

Good dashboards don’t just reflect a sales rep’s status, they make the KPIs used to evaluate their performance transparent to them. Charts, graphs and other visual elements visualize their results by converting data tables into dynamic visuals that tell them immediately what to improve and where to focus to reach their targets.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

Inception CRM consolidates a lot of information that normally gets siloed, such as sales and expense data, making it easier to identify and improve low performing areas. Use Inception to measure the sales impact of field activities, budgets, and rep performance across a large number of metrics so you never miss another opportunity.

Effective Information Is Information You Can Use

An Analytical Approach

Inception CRM supports a robustly analytical approach to customer data so that you can identify the actual potential of each customer. Use Inception to track the development of each customer relationship (positive or negative) so that you can allocate your sales teams more effectively and extract the most value from their efforts.