When data and creativity join forces, the result is compelling, effective content

Where Big Data and Creativity Meet

For most companies, the most valuable part of a CRM system is the data it provides. Inception CRM gives marketing teams the insights they need to leverage customer feedback into compelling content and pitch perfect messages that hit the mark every time.

Secure, Compliant Media and Document Distribution

Inception CRM let’s content managers fine tune the distribution and use of all published content. They can even set up workflow funnels so customers only see what’s relevant to them. Updating, replacing and withdrawing files can be done on the fly so that sales teams always have access to the latest, approved content.

A Robust Multimedia Platform for Sales Teams

Inception CRM gives brand leaders an easy way publish, distribute and update approved media content to sales teams on the fly. Inception’s Media module supports all types of media, PDFs and videos to interactive powerpoint and HTML5 presentations that capture detailed information about each interaction.

A Better Way To Impress Customers … And Capture Important Information

Real-Time Information Everyone Can Use

Inception CRM captures feedback from customer interactions that you can use across your organization. Interactive presentations can be configured to automatically fill in call reports, create product orders, and send feedback to marketing managers about the effectiveness of different content — and much more.